'Between Life and Death: The Expansion of Perception and Knowledge Towards the Human Body within Photographic Modernity’ - invited paper for conference panel Modernist Life, University of Birmingham, June 2017.


'Technological Vision: Presencing, Enframing, Power', conference paper for The Practice of (in)Visibility, University of Brighton, June 2015.


‘Photography/Prosthesis/Culture’ - Research Talk for University of Falmouth, November 2013.


'The Body, "Biocepts" and Technology' - invited conference paper for Body/Mind, Norwegian Sculpture Biennale [University of Oslo], November 2013.


'Photography and its Condition as Technological Prosthesis' - conference paper for Expanded Photographies: Technology, Perception, Representation, Southampton Solent University, October 2012.


'The Redemption of the Image: Trauma, Repetition, Simulation in Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris.' - conference paper for Re-Living Disaster: Film  History  Identity, London Consortium (Birkbeck University) April 2010.





Beyond the Frame, Brighton Photo Fringe, October 2016.


Float, Southampton Solent University, February 2016.



Conference Organisation


Conference Director: Expanded Photographies: Technology, Perception, Representation (Southampton Solent University, October 2012.) Speakers included Charlotte Cotton, Ori Gersht, Joanna Lowry, Maren Juell Kristensen, Ben Burbridge, Duncan Wooldrigde, Sandra Plummer, Steffi Klenz, Guy Moreton, Mandy Jandrell and myself.